General Travel Tips

1.       Setting up your bank account online

To save time in New Zealand set up your bank account online at ANZ. Just send them an e-mail asking about opening a bank account for your travels in New Zealand and the ANZ Migration Service will help you setting up a "Jumpstart" or "GO account". They will ask you to send copies of your passport and visa to them via email. Once you have done this your account is open. Then you can arrange an appointment after your arrival in NZ and you are good to go.

2.        Getting your IRD number (tax number) asap

Once your bank account is open and you have gone through the identification process at ANZ you have full access to your account. Meaning you can use online banking and get a deposit card. Then you should deposit some money on your account; you can also exchange Euros there for a small fine of NZ$7, and make some transactions to later on proof the validity of your bank account.
Once you have done that go back to an ANZ branch and ask them firstly; to change your address, meaning you need to use an NZ address for example of a hostel/hotel etc. and secondly: to print out your account activity on an A4 sheet. This will be used for your IRD number to proof that you have a functional bank account as well as a proof of an NZ address. 

For your IRD number you will also need:

-          Copy of your passport
-          Proof of ANZ bank account
-          Copy of tax number in your country of origin
Once you have all of these documents, go to a Kiwi Bank, ask for the “IRD Form for Non-Residents” and fill it out. Then you just need to hand all the other documents, mentioned above, over and maybe state that you need your IRD number urgently as you already have a job ;-). Then your IRD will be sent to you by e-mail, text or post.

3.       Money Overview

Some people will call me typically German when they here that I used excel for my calculations and money overview. But honestly, I think it is not a bad thing to know what you are spending money on.
Therefore I started using this app called “Money control” on my iPhone, which I found really helpful controlling my money expenses and seeing you much money you have left.

4.       Grocery Shopping

The cheapest way to go grocery shopping in NZ is nearly the same as in Germany. To save money you need to be prepared, meaning having a shopping list and planning in advance what you want to eat, cook or bake. This gets a bit more difficult once you go on a road trip. Therefore it is really important to have a good shopping list. 

...more tips coming soon

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