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October 29, 2016

Time flyes by so fast. I cannot believe that these 3 months in Berlin are nearly over...
However, I tryed out a lot of fancy things here in this town and wanted to give you some recommendations concerning different topics.

The 1st topic this coming week will be food. Letting you know where to go best for that typical fancy Berlin experience.

Here are my top-3 favorites:

1. House of small Wonder

It's a very nice and popular cafe with a really nice entrance hall, especially great for bloggers and/or instagramers ;-) 

What to expect:
-delicious & fancy food in a Japanese Jugendstil
-nice and friendly staff

What to know:
-be there early, especially at the weekends for breakfast or brunch, at 9 or 9:30 a.m
-bring time to truly enjoy the atmosphere

What to get:
-definitely try their Matcha Latte along with "Croque Madame" or "Homemade Biscuit Benedict"

see pictures of the food

2. Monkey Bar & NENI

Clearly the best place in town to get the perfect combination of fancy food and drinks along with a breathtaking view.

What to expect:
-amazing Israeli food with crazily delicious drinks
-incredible view over the Tiergarten
-very nice staff 
-great and relaxed atmosphere with amazing old school music

TIP: make reservations at NENI's at least to weeks before going there, then you do not have to stand in line and can go directly up to the 10th floor. Later you can go straight to the Monkey-Bar

What to know:
-otherwise be there early, especially on the weekends, not after 5 p.m

What to get:
-try out their sweet potato fries along with a "Jungleside Fizz" Cocktail = the best combination

3. Spreegold

It's a very nice and cozy cafe, restaurant or rather bistro with self service. All the food is very healthy and extremly instagram worthy. You can get Acai-Bowls, paleo Pancakes and truly everything you can ask for, if you love fancy and healthy food. 

What to expect:
-amazing healthy and fany food
-bit noise and sometime very overflowed
-has a bistro atmosphere

What to know:
-be there in the early morning or for lunch

What to get:
-you got to get there paleo pnacakes and hot chocolate
-or try out their porridges, they are truly the best I ever had

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